diego vinicio rodriguez

Experto cirujano maxilofacial

Dr. Diego Vinicio Rodriguez for more than 18 years of professional practice and university teaching has developed and optimized surgical skills in Maxilofacial.

The best scientific, technological and human resources, they guarantee to the patient and to the ortodoncist sender an attention with the highest requirements of quality and responsibility, which concludes in the satisfactory result of the surgical procedures applying reasonable rates.

He has a professional practice orientated to correct dentofacial anomalies through orthognathic surgery as a whole with orthodontics; expert in diagnosis, surgical predictions and standardized follow-up.

Emphasis in facial surgery, correction of asymmetries and alterations of the smile through modification of the plane oclusal; aesthetic balance with Rhinoplasty, Cheiloplasty and Mentoplasty in patients class II and III. The onlysurgeon maxilofacial in Colombia who has gotten the certification in the ISO norm 9001:2000 granted in February, 2006 for the ICONTEC, for the service of aesthetics maxillofacial in oral surgery.

Expert in maxillofacial surgery; leader and pioneer in our way in LOCAL ANESTHESIA CONTROLLED BY MEANS OF INTRAVENOUS SEDATION in interdisciplinary, ideal form to realize such surgical procedures as Odontectomia of third molars(Oral Surgery).

¿Why to choose Dr. Diego?

  • He has more than 18 years of experience and knowledge
  • He has done over 1500 maxillofacial procedures.
  • For his optimization of the technics in oral surgery and maxillofacial surgery.
  • He use the best technology in order to make the analysis and exact surgical predictions.
  • He is a pioneer in the use of intravenous sedation in Colombia.
  • He listen his patients and answer all their questions in a clear way.
  • With Dr. Diego you will have an agreeable and successful experience.
  • The same day of your medical assesment, you will receive a surgical prediction of the result of your surgery.
  • He is a pioneer in latinamerica making surgical predictions by ( CAD / CAM ) technology.
  • He participates in maxillofacial events in order to stay up to date.
  • He is a national and international speaker.