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Experience + technology, a combination for your surgery that will change your life.

More than 100 orthodontists send their patients to ESTETICA MAXILOFACIAL®. Our doctors, with 20 years of experience, have operated over 1000 patients who have had an maxillofacial plastic surgery and orthognathic surgery. The success of ESTETICA MAXILOFACIAL® is in the aesthetic approach of the surgery and the surgical precision. we have been leading and pioneering in surgical predictions 2-D and 3-D, which allows us to plan every case applying top technology. Another characteristic of ESTETICA MAXILOFACIAL® is the teamwork Orthodontics - Surgery, which allows a good coordination in order to obtain a perfect result. Come to ESTETICA MAXILOFACIAL® and discover because your face is in expert hands.


Usually we started with a orthodontics treatment, once the objectives with the treatment have been achieved we proceed to carry out the orthognathic surgery that is realized under general anesthesia; it consists in modifying the spatial relations of the jaws, to achieve aesthetic and dental harmony. If you carry out the surgery maxillofacial with ESTETICA MAXILOFACIAL® you are not going to have scars, not even intermaxillary fixation, your recovery is going to be very rapid, due to the surgical small times. We offer you a convalescence with minimal pain.



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