We are pioneering in the application of the technology for Orthognatic Surgery , both in equipments and in computerized programs. In Maxillofacial plastic surgery we were the first ones in Colombia who acquired the system "Dolphin" to make surgical predictions 2-D (2001) and we are the first ones in Colombia whoi acquired the system "Dolphin" to make surgical predictions 3-D (2011). Come to ESTETICA MAXILOFACIAL® and you will be able to see in a way based on scientific principles how your face will look like after the surgery, also you will be able to see different options of treatment.

Dolphin Aquiarium

Dolphin Aquarium

Designed for an interactive presentation to our patients, Dolphin Aquiarium is a dynamic tool of comumnication that use 3D animated high-definition graphics in 3D. It has been designed to demonstrate the common and complex topics, including the diagnostic findings of the maxillofacial surgery.

Materialise - Simplant®

Materialise - Simplant®

SimPlant® is a software that allows a more rapid and simple planning of facial asymmetries on projection of the chin, and jaw deficiencies; this program allows to make surgical predictions of high precision.

CAD/CAM Technology and Stereolithographic models

The technology CAD/CAM helps to plan the surgery by means of different software that they reconstruct of three-dimensional form the skeleton maxillofacial. We use our valuations the technology CAD/CAM to do a precise surgical prediction, and from these predictions we design stereolithographic models that adjust to the specific characteristics of the anatomy of every patient. This process will allow that the patient should have a surgery of high precision.

prediccion quirurgica 3d

Systematized surgical predictions 2D and 3D

The surgical predictions allow to prepare the case with accuracy and to visualize the esthetic in a virtual way, which is very interesting because you will be able to see an approximation of the changes of the results that will be obtained in your surgery.

prediccion quirurgica 3d