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In ESTETICA MAXILOFACIAL® we handle a different concept from the surgery in dentistry

We realize the procedures under sedation, which allows to realize the surgery of teeth extraction. In ESTETICA MAXILOFACIAL® everything is different because you will have personalized attention from an expert and profesional team , which guarantee your safety and the success of the wisdom teeth extraction. We are leaders in maxilofacial surgery because we have the best technology to be able to realize this procedure, without trauma, without pain, without noise and without dental milling tool, under the highest standards of quality and safety; come and discover why the maxilofacial surgery is a pleasure.


In ESTETICA MAXILOFACIAL® we make a confortable third molars extraction surgery for the patient. We are pioneering in intravenous sedation, more than 18 years of experience allows us to make the wisdom extraction in only ten minutes. Through intravenous sedation you feel neither injections or surgical manipulation and you won't have any disagreeable memory.We offer you an individualized attention. Once finished the procedure you will be smiling and without pain.

Intravenous sedation

The intravenous sedation divided in two oarts the odontology and the maxilofacial surgery; forget the pain and the trauma, no more nervous patients. In ESTETICA MAXILOFACIAL® is possible to make the wisdom teeth extraction, dental implants, and many other procedures without pain.
Simply you will not remember anything; when the surgery has been finished, you will go out happy, smiling and without pain. You will have an agreeable memory, zero tears, zero pain! More than 5000 sedated patients, in 18 years of experience, without any type of complication. They see and discover the pleasure of the odontology.

How we do it?

We will administer your medicines for the vein, 30 seconds later you will be "sleep", but you can answer orders, the level of dream provides to you a plane in which you do not realize of what is happening. A minute after finished the surgery we wake you up and you will not take adverse faults as vomit or dizziness, you can go out walking by yourself. It is a very safe procedure due to the fact that we use top technology and permanent monitoring.